Elizabeth Casman

Institution: Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University
Department of Engineering and Public Policy
Baker Hall 129
5000 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Office Phone: (412) 268-2670

Research Interests

Dr. Casman specializes in integrated assessment modeling of infectious disease, primarily with respect to the impacts of climate change and bioterrorism. Currently, her bioterrorism-related research includes

  • the potential of urban ecosystems to support rodent-borne plague epidemics,
  • risk communication strategies for rapidly changing and complex bioterrorism scenarios,
  • rapid detection of covert bio-attacks
  • the economic impact of bioterrorism, and
  • the effect of the Patriot Act and the Bioterrorism Preparedness Act on the scientific community.

She is also interested in drinking water access in developing countries, watershed management, biotechnology policy, and risk analysis.

CEINT Publications



Gernand JM, Casman EA.  2014.  Machine Learning for Nanomaterial Toxicity Risk Assessment. IEEE Intelligent Systems. 29(3):84-88.
Masinter A, Small M, Casman EA.  2014.  Research prioritization using hypothesis maps. Environment Systems and Decisions. 34(1):49-59. Abstract  Download: Research prioritization using hypothesis maps (pdf) (420.08 KB)