Core A: Manufactured Nanomaterials

Expertise in fabricating, characterizing and modifying NPs is a crosscutting activity that contributes to each of the Center's three primary research themes. Some nanomaterials of current concern for environmental impact are available commercially and can be obtained readily in quantities required to perform experiments at lab-scale and in micro and macrocosms. Initial efforts in CEINT will focus on metals (Fe, Au, Ag), fullerenes (C60 and CNTs), metal oxides (TiO2 FexOy, SiO2, CeO2, ZnO), metal sulfides and quantum dots. Materials made in our laboratories or commercially available materials are rigorously characterized and protocols for handling established before distribution for use by CEINT investigators. We will create a central repository of standard protocols and nanomaterial characteristics, accessible by website, and available to the nanoscience and engineering community. Work in our center also extends beyond the menu of currently available nanomaterials to include new materials in new formats fabricated by CEINT nanochemists.

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