Mesocosm construction and operation


CEINT has built 30 tightly controlled and highly instrumented ecosystems (aka mesocosms) that are located in Duke Forest. These mesocosms (1 m x 4 m.) are controlled release facilities where researchers are adding nanoparticles and studying the resulting interactions and effects on plants, fish, bacteria and other elements within systems designed to imitate freshwater wetlands. Each mesocosm has an aquatic and terrestrial compartment instrumented with various probes. The mesocosms serve as a unifying resource for experiments across all of CEINT’s six thrusts. twenty six mesocosms are currently  in use in experiments using silver, TiO2, and CeO2 nanoparticle and single wall carbon nanotubes. The mesocosms feature a parallel Internet platform and database infrastructure, associated to the data flow designed to allow a real-time interactive environment for partner researchers worldwide.