Linsey Marr

Institution: Virginia Tech

411 Durham Hall (0246)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Office Phone: (540) 231-6071
(540) 231-7916

Research Interests

Marr's group applies a quantitative approach to track emissions, transport, transformation, and fate of atmospheric pollutants. Methods include laboratory and field experiments, data analysis, and computer modeling. The outcome of her group's research is an improved ability to monitor, predict, and control air quality, with the ultimate effect of optimizing air pollution management strategies and thus improving human health and welfare. Current research projects involve (1) assessing the environmental impacts of engineered nanoparticles, (2) measuring neighborhood-scale air pollutant emissions, (3) developing new models and methods for tracking airborne transmission of infectious disease, and (4) determining the interactions of particles with emissions of endocrine disruptors from building materials.

CEINT Publications


Holder A, Marr LC.  2011.  Size selected nanoparticle toxicity at the air-liquid interface. American Association for Aerosol Research 30th Annual Conference.
Quadros ME, Marr LC.  2011.  Aerosol emissions from silver nanotechnology consumer products. American Association for Aerosol Research 30th Annual Conference. Abstract
Tiwari A, Davis ED, Zhang Y, Morris JR, Marr LC.  2011.  Oxidation of C60 aerosol by ozone. European Aerosol Conference.