Fabienne Schwab

Institution: CEREGE
Office Phone: +33 7 83 94 73 74 (Mobile France)
+41 78 736 00 19 (Mobile Switzerland)


Chemist (Ph.D.) with an interest in plant biology, working in the field of environmental nanotechnology.

Publications: http://publicationslist.org/fabienne.schwab.

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Contact: fabienne.schwab(├Ąt)alumni.ethz.ch


Research Interests

Current interests:
o    Nanomaterial and micropollutant transport and fate in the environment.
o    Plant, phytoplankton, and fungi (nano)ecotoxicology, multiple stressors.
o    Advanced analytical applications of spectroscopy, (electron) microscopy, and tomography.

Previous interests:

- phytopathogenic fungi
- molecular protein-ligand interactions