Christine Ogilvie Hendren

Institution: Duke University
Office Phone: 919-660-5193


Christine Hendren is a Research Scientist and Executive Director of the Center for the Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology (CEINT). In the role of Executive Director, Dr. Hendren synthesizes CEINT research across the various disciplines and entity members of the Center, with a focus on facilitating timely feedback between disciplines. This targeted feedback between investigators in different institutions and different areas of expertise informs future research directions to continually drive toward environmentally relevant approaches. She serves along with Deputy Director Professor Gregory Lowry as co-lead of the Data Management Team, which establishes data and metadata collection protocols and manages data sharing internally within the Center as well as externally to the scientific community at large. Dr. Hendren is responsible for communicating the mission and synthesized research of CEINT in reports, external communications, and public fora, and for working closely with the Associate Director for Assessment and Outreach to coordinate research activities with outreach and education programs in the U.S. and abroad.

Dr. Hendren’s research interests include combining risk assessment with decision analysis, and linking and leveraging emerging data to support decisions under conditions of great uncertainty. Current efforts include designing targeted collective judgment processes to facilitate interdisciplinary decision making about research and risk management priorities, investigating the key parameters to represent potential environmental risk profiles of engineered nanomaterials, and on developing approaches to collect and integrate complex nanomaterial data sets.

CEINT Publications