Nanoinformatics at CEINT

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

12:00 pm to 1:00 pm


Sandra Karcher, CMU and Yuan Tian, Duke

Presentation by Sandra Karcher, Post-Doctoral Associate at Carnegie Mellon University in the Jeanne Van Briessen group, and Yuan Tian, Post-Doctoral Associate at Duke University in the Mark Wiesner group.

Nanoinformatics at CEINT: What the CEINT Data Integration Team is up to, and how and why to be a part of it. This seminar is for anyone whose research is funded by CEINT or related to nanomaterials and their interactions in the environment. The mission of the CEINT DIT is to support the collection, organization and analysis of data from all across the center (together with complementary data from the broader literature) to connect and compare results so that we can learn more from the integrated data than could be learned from each study on its own. Come learn about the multiple approaches our team is taking to make this happen – and how you can both help and benefit this process!