Highlights 2011

"Green" Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles: Mechanistic Studies and Life Cycle Assessment
Duke CEIN 0830093 CEINT Organizational Structure and Research Roles (pdf)
Lab ≠ Mesocosms (pdf)
Detection of Nanomaterials in Complex Media (pdf)
Duke CEIN 0830093 Forecasts and measurements of nanosilver in wastewater (pdf)
Cross-Referencing Nanomaterial Properties with Nanomaterial Bioactivity (CEINT collaboration with EPA) (pdf)
Duke CEIN 0830093 Mapping Nanoparticle Properties to Toxicity (pdf)
NIST-CEINT collaboration - Protocol development (pdf)
Duke CEIN 0830093 Multiple Scales (pdf)
2008-12: CEINT Impacts Partner University Programs (pdf)
Duke CEIN 0830093 Trophic Transfer (pdf)
Duke CEIN 0830093 NP Coatings (pdf)
2008-12: CEINT Outreach Expands Nationally (pdf)
Duke Duke CEIN 0830093 Ag NP Rapid Transformation (pdf)
Duke CEIN 0830093 Predicting deposition of NPs Coated with organic macromolecules (pdf)
Organisms are exposed to transformed NPs (pdf)
Duke CEIN 0830093 Protocol Development (pdf)
Deposition of Nanoparticles - Effect of Size and Surface Modification (pdf)
Duke CEIN 0830093 Mesocosm Shared Facility (pdf)
Impact of NP coating on bacterial toxicity (pdf)
Duke CEIN 0830093 Mesocosm Preliminary Results (pdf)
Nano has been here all along (pdf)
Duke CEIN 0830093 NanoDays Outreach (pdf)
Duke CEIN 0830093 Education Expands REU 2011 (pdf)
Trophic Transfer of Au Nanoparticles (pdf)
Cirate-coated AG NPs undergo maternal transfer in Caenorhabditis elegans (pdf)
Duke CEIN 0830093 ToxCast High-throughput screening (HTS) of nanomaterial bioactivites in cultured cells and zebrafish embryos (pdf)
Duke CEIN 0830093 Avoidance of Ag NPs at environmentally relevant concentrations (pdf)
Risk Forecasting (pdf)
Duke CEIN 0830093 Commercial vs. Home-Made Materials (pdf)
Toxicity Reduction of AgNPs by Sunlight (pdf)
A Method for Heterogeneous NP Attachment in Mixed Systems